Custom Fielding Gloves

Primal Baseball: Made By Baseball Players For Baseball Players

Primal Baseball is founded by former professional baseball players who witnessed too often themselves and teammates constantly burning through batting gloves. So, they set out to create a line of custom batting gloves that gives players exactly what they require in a batting glove: protection, comfort and durability. They applied the same deep knowledge of the game and a baseball player’s needs when designing fielding gloves, taking it one step further and making it both simple and affordable to completely design your own baseball glove! No matter which type of baseball player you are, Primal Baseball is your one-stop-shop for all of your batting glove and custom fielding glove needs. We have a wide selection of designs and styles to choose from, and an easy-to-use method of designing your own baseball glove. When you choose Primal Baseball, the possibilities are endless!

Fully Design Your Own Baseball Glove

When you design your own baseball glove with Primal Baseball, you’re free to completely design your glove just the way you want it. We offer two different models, each allowing you to create a personalized baseball glove from the color of the glove down to the details of the stitching. By the time you’re finished, you’ll not only have the ideal glove for your playing style, but a totally unique baseball glove everyone else on the field will envy.


The first step in creating your own baseball glove is choosing between our two different models. Both models offer tremendous qualities at an affordable price. Let’s take a closer look at each of our baseball glove models. Pro Select: Made of high-quality Taiwanese kip leather, our Pro Select baseball gloves give you the edge on the field for years to come. This model is similar to the Wilson A2000 and Rawlings Heart of the Hide, for comparison. The Pro Select is perfect for high school players and will last you for years to come, all without breaking the bank. Pro Limited: Made of the finest-quality Japanese kip leather, our Pro Limited baseball gloves are designed for professional players. This model is similar to the Wilson A2K, Rawlings Pro Preferred and Mizuno Pro Limited, for comparison. But what you can’t compare is affordability. Choosing Primal is a no-brainer here.

Glove Size

The next step when you design your own baseball glove is to choose the size. We offer a wide range of sizes in order to best suit your position and preference. While glove size is often a personal choice, there are a few guidelines to follow based on your position. Infield: Infielders opt for small gloves in order to quickly and effectively remove the ball from the glove in order to make the throw and turn double plays. Middle infielders typically choose either 11.25” or 11.5” gloves so they can easily turn double plays. A third baseman usually goes up to an 11.75” or 12” to give them a bit more range since turning double plays is less common than needing the extra length to snag a one-hopper down the baseline. If you play multiple infield positions, an 11.75” glove is a great option for the utility player. Outfield: Unlike infielders, an outfielder wants a longer glove to give them the most range and biggest pocket to ensure they snag as many fly balls as possible. This also helps protect the ball from popping out during contact with the ground when attempting a diving or lunging catch. All outfielders have their preference, but it’s common to go longer rather than shorter. Pitcher: Pitchers also prefer a larger glove in order to hide the ball and their hand movement and they acquire a grip on the ball so they don’t tip the pitch to the batter. Fielding is less important for a pitcher, but it’s still imperative to give themselves as much length as possible without the glove becoming too cumbersome.

Web Style

After you’ve determined the best size for your preference and position, you’ll then move on to the type of web style you like. Just like with the size of the glove, this is a combination of preference and positional fit. Closed Web: Closed-web pockets are most commonly used by pitchers because they offer the best coverage of the ball. A batter can’t see the ball through the laces, allowing the pitcher to better hide their grip on the ball. You’ll also see some infielders use closed-web gloves, most famously Derek Jeter. H-Web: The H-web pocket is an extremely popular and versatile web style used by infielders and outfielders alike. It’s sturdy, but still breaks in quickly. Third basemen most often use the H-web pocket among infielders, and it is the most popular web for outfielders as they can block the sun, but still locate the ball through the pocket. Trapeze Web: The trapeze-web pocket is almost exclusively used by outfielders and sometimes pitchers, although it is still possible to use a trapeze-style web in the infield. Ichiro made this pocket style popular, and it breaks in easily and allows the outfielder the ability to open the glove wide in order to corral fly balls.


Finally, the fun stuff! With Primal Baseball’s custom fielding glove builder, you can choose between 16 different colors for your glove and see how it will look in real time with a preview. You select the main shell color of the glove, the web color, laces, binding welting, stitching and Primal logo. Keep tweaking the combinations until you find just the right look!

  • Inner/Outer Shell
  • Web
  • Laces
  • Binding
  • Welting
  • Stitching
  • Primal Logo/Lion

Completely Personalized Baseball Glove

Beyond the style and look of your custom fielding glove, Primal Baseball offers the ability to create a personalized baseball glove! You can embroider your name and/or number, choose between two different font styles and pick which color you’d like the personalization embroidered in. Personalizing your glove is a great idea, too, because your Primal custom fielding glove is going to look so dope, somebody is bound to try and swipe it for themself!

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Primal Baseball also offers the same amazing quality and unique style with our line of custom batting gloves! With a variety of styles that feature one-of-a-kind designs, including national flags and customizable gloves, you’re sure to up your swag each time to step into the box. After you’re done designing your own baseball glove, be sure to check out our tremendous selection of custom batting gloves today as well!